About Us
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About Us

Water Infrastructure Science & Engineering (WISE) is a specialist engineering consultancy; Australian owned and based in Western Australia (Perth and Karratha).

WISE was established to buck the perceived trend that engineering design companies target large capital infrastructure options to achieve higher fees.

Our Business Philosophy

We value water. Nothing can be developed or operate without it.

At WISE it is our business philosophy to design only what is needed to achieve our Clients project objectives. This is our commitment to sustainability at the larger scale. And we plan to be profitable by securing repeat business through quality deliverables.

Your Core Business

We value the Western Australian projects that contribute to improved living standards at home, nationally and globally.

We believe that production and water values can be protected incrementally in every project, small and large.

Value for Money

Finally, we believe that in being consultants we are only engaged to provide answers to our Clients as and when needed which keeps the Client costs down. This conveys our goal to provide value to our Clients.

If this fits your Corporate Strategy then we’d value working for you.