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Engineering Design

Why a WISE design solution?

A WISE engineered solution will ensure that your total water cycle integrates into the core business seamlessly, safely and reliably.

A WISE engineering design ensures the systems and equipment will operate as intended by taking into consideration your specific needs.

WISE saves you money by designing within your project’s constraints including:

  • capital and / or operating cost,
  • schedule to implement,
  • project life,
  • regulatory and legal commitments, and
  • potential impacts on safety, environment and social or cultural values.

Your reliable suppliers are valuable and WISE can work with your preferred suppliers to ensure optimum operations, or work independently to facilitate supplier market testing.

Why is WISE better?

We cut the red tape.

We know the regulatory environment and will design a solution that minimises the regulatory requirements of your project’s water assets. WISE will expedite approvals.