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Hydraulic Design

When your piping involves a network with circuits the calculations to determine water pressure and quality during various operating scenarios are iterative and best delivered with a computer model.

  • Not getting adequate water pressure at peak operations?
  • Is there enough storage for peak operations periods?
  • Suspect bottlenecks in your system?
  • Pumps, valves, meters sound like they’re grinding gravel? Or got the water hammer bang?
  • Persistent equipment failures?
  • Water quality poor in low operations periods (e.g. shut down)?

These are all issues addressed with hydraulic modelling and water balance planning.

WISE delivers hydraulic optimisation through our experience in modelling of networks with piping, pumping, storages and treatment capacity. Through modelling WISE delivers testing of upgrade options to determine a recommended solution and then deliver the appropriate specifications for Client tendering.

Our strength comes from being design consultants. We do not supply or construct infrastructure, and therefore we can objectively identify fit-for-purpose design.

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