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The WISE engineering team are specialists in wastewater treatment ponds and non-powered treatment plant. We design for renewal and upgrade of existing plant and specifications of new plant.

When is a wastewater stabilisation pond a good option? When the project has:

  • a remote location,
  • available land clearance space (but less than an irrigation field area),
  • need to avoid powered operation (removing diesel fuel and genset cost),
  • need to avoid regular weekly maintenance contracts.

There are many treatment process options between wastewater stabilisation ponds and package plants. Components may include trickling filters and clarifiers in combination with ponds.

Our observation is that servicing of remote sites is dominated by package plants which have a very strong supplier sector.

Towns’ sewage treatment plants in WA have largely retained pond systems, and so have older mining projects, because they are cost effective.

When applied to construction camps the incremental cost savings applied across a whole project can become very significant.

Contact WISE for a low cost desk top study to investigate your potential project savings. We also work in project engineering and site management on these scopes of work.

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