Non-Potable Water System - City of Kalgoorlie Boulder

The objective of the alternative water supply strategy was to identify volumes and quality of water resources that could be developed to facilitate large scale projects in the City to address economic diversification objectives. The initial target was 1.0 – 2.0 GL/ year of low TDS, non-potable water.
The business strategy required two elements: the business case for development opportunities, and the management of risks.
Water source options evaluated included:

  • Recycled wastewater, including minimisation of evaporation and infiltration losses,
  • Surface water offtake from Gribble Creek (as stormwater harvesting) from three locations; it was an important finding that Kalgoorlie rainfall events were predominantly residual cyclone throughflow,
  • Water efficiency strategies such as POS irrigation optimisation,
  • Groundwater (hypersaline) and managed aquifer recharge storage,
  • Reinvigorating the Esperance pipeline and seawater desalination project.

  • Address Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
  • Size
  • Year 2020
  • Client City of Kalgoorlie - Boulder
  • Service Documentation, Assessment
Non-Potable Water System -            City of Kalgoorlie Boulder  image Non-Potable Water System -            City of Kalgoorlie Boulder  image

Projects & Location

Myalup Managed Aquifer Recharge  image

Myalup Managed Aquifer Recharge

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