Giselle Degebrodt

Director, Principal Engineer

Giselle is a technical and regulatory compliance specialist in water and wastewater infrastructure design, including scheme network design, integrated water schemes, recycled water including sewer mining, and remote wastewater treatment plant. Giselle established WISE to contrast trends in engineering consulting for unwarranted large capital projects, and to deliver non-powered treatment plant in remote locations.

Geoff Hughes

Principal Planning Engineer

Geoff’s career spans over 30 years with extensive experience in water, wastewater and drainage infrastructure. His expertise includes utility management, land planning, water source planning, and network modelling for water, wastewater and drainage. His completed projects have been in the industrial, urban development and municipal utilities sectors.

Michael Wood

Principal Engineer

Michael’s career spans over 25 years within the water industry, with extensive experience in the feasibility, design, project management, construction, testing and commissioning of water, wastewater, drainage and chemical dosing infrastructure. With a focus on design and project management, he has successfully delivered projects from remote communities to bustling cities, from pipelines and simple wastewater pond systems to tertiary treatment plants, dewatering and chemical dosing plants on both water and wastewater sites.

Tony Barton

Senior Project Manager

Tony’s career spans over 40 years with expertise in design, project and construction management in infrastructure projects, including extensive works in remote communities. Tony’s core expertise includes designs of water and wastewater equipment, designs of roads and buildings, logistics of remote operations, asset condition assessments and capital works planning.

Baki (Baharak) Dadmehr

Senior Civil Engineer

Baki is a Civil Engineer with over 7 years’ experience in the water industry. Her experience involves working in different areas of Water Corporation including Project Management, Water Quality, Engineering and Asset Investment Planning. Her expertise includes water and wastewater conveyance infrastructure planning and design, hydraulic analysis and network modelling. In addition to her civil engineering education and background Baki has 3.5 years’ work experience in the Architecture and Urban Design field in Australia and Italy.

Rabar Banaa

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Rabar is a Mechanical Engineer with a strong career path in water and mechanical engineering. He has broad experience in operational management, project engineering and project implementation. His skills include 2D /3D CAD design and drafting, design of pump stations and pipe networks, asset maintenance strategies and defect elimination, operation and troubleshooting for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Dominique Schelfhout

Office Manager

Dominique has over 30 years’ experience in Executive Assistant and Office Manager positions. She is a highly efficient administrator with experience in both WA government and ASX listed companies and has a track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments. Dominique provides support to the WISE business operations and project management work

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