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Operational Upgrade

In the iron price downturn industry is seeking

to maximise the value of operational assets.

WISE delivers design and specifications of minimal upgrades

to achieve production targets to maximise

the value of the existing system.

System Monitoring (e.g. Flow and/or Pressure Metering)

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Review of existing Client Data, Design and Drawings

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Back-engineering of System

Capacity, if Required

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Safety In Design

WISE delivery of HAZID and HAZOP workshop review

of designs applies the safety 'Hierarchy of Control'

elements of Elimination, Substitution and

Engineering Controls. Through the engineering design

phase of work the most effective safety

measures are implemented in consultation

with relevant and experienced personnel.

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Water Quality

The quality of water supplies is important to drinking water use,

cooling tower cycles, quality of core product (e.g. ore stockpiles),

personnel exposure, and receiving environments

in dust suppression or water discharges.

The WISE expertise in the water quality requirements

of our clients industry means a targeted

water treatment or source management strategy.

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Compliance Strategy

WISE delivers technical support to our client's regulatory

approvals and stakeholder liaison.

The strategy commences at Utilities Layout

to minimise approvals requirements in

the planning phase through to licensing at

project commissioning and

operational reporting.

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Recent Projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant – Capacity Definition & Interim Upgrade

A town wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) constructed in 1961 and upgraded in 1969 required updated process and hydraulic flow diagrams to define the plant capacity with respect to urban development objectives. Sewer flow monitoring was also completed. WISE completed engineering calculations, drawings and flow analysis to design interim upgrades to the WWTP which could enable urban development while longer term planning for the WWTP was conducted.

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Burrup Seawater Scheme – Asset Management Plan

The Burrup Seawater Scheme is a non-standard scheme asset for the Water Corporation. WISE developed an asset management plan to deliver compliance with contractual, legislated and regulatory commitments within the Corporation’s standard asset management framework and software systems. Integral to the asset management plan was the incorporation of the engineering design criteria which differ from water and sewer systems. Minor works projects were recommended to optimise the scheme for the seawater product.

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