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We have had the pleasure to work on some pretty amazing projects around Western Australia and beyond. Read about them below.

The Preferred Supplier

Water Infrastructure Science & Engineering (WISE) is a preferred supplier panel contractor to:

The Water Corporation

Minor Design Panel (August 2016)
Worked for WC since Aug 2012.


Engineering Services Panel (June 2017)
Worked for Local Authorities and Housing Authority Aboriginal Communities since Aug 2014

Burrup Seawater Scheme

The Burrup Seawater Scheme is a commercial, non-standard scheme for the Water Corporation.

WISE developed an asset management plan to deliver compliance with contractual, legislated and regulatory commitments within the Corporation’s standard asset management framework and software systems.

Integral to the asset management plan was the incorporation of engineering design criteria for seawater and brine which differ from standard water and sewer systems. Minor works projects were recommended to optimise the scheme for the seawater product.

WISE has completed specifications for 5-year shutdown works, intake screens and air valve replacement with modification of corrosion mitigation strategy, pipe spool fabrication and tank demolition.

Boulder WWTP

WISE delivered an hydraulic water balance for the activated sludge plant and lagoon system to deliver City of Kalgoorlie- Boulder compliance with DWER License requirements.

The scope included flow meter calibration testing, development of a daily water balance of 10 years flow data for evaluation against ambient groundwater monitoring to determine potential environmental impact.

Technical advice regarding equipment replacement (decanter arms and meter upgrades) was also completed. The Trade Waste Management Plan and Policy was delivered to implement catchment control of wastewater quality entering the WWTP.

Additional scope delivered the DWER License Annual Environmental Report (AER) including comprehensive data verification for the monitoring period since 2004.

The South Boulder WWTP is an intermittent aeration activated sludge plant requiring significant upgrade. The engineering design has recently been awarded to WISE.

Ongoing works including procurement advice and development of scheme infrastructure modelling and software for asset management planning including 20-year financial forecasting.

Karratha Effluent Reuse Scheme (ERS)

The City of Karratha contracted Cobey to complete construction of the Karratha ERS in liaison with Water Corporation source supply at the Karratha Water Reclamation Plant.

WISE provided technical expertise on design discrepancies and engineering certification sign-off of construction as required to acquit the Royalties for Regions funding for the infrastructure. WISE also completed specifications for further pipework extension to public open spaces.

WISE also provided Construction Management during periods of City personnel leave.

Roy Hill Port Landside – Borefield Corrosion Mitigation

WISE completed corrosion sample testing and downstream impact risk assessment on groundwater bores near Port Hedland, which were subject to sulphide reducing bacterial corrosion.

A range of treatments, material specifications for water equipment and mitigation strategies were developed to enable optimised asset life for water and ore materials handling facilities.

Wastewater Treatment Plants Engineering Design & Superintendent’s Representative Works

The WA Aboriginal Communities Essential Services program includes wastewater treatment plants as pond systems.

With changes housing improvements driving population increases in the communities WISE was engaged to complete capacity revision and design upgrades to World Health Organisation standards based on University of Leeds methodologies.

Through proficient examination of the wastewater quality, and geotechnical and tidal conditions WISE has been able avoid unnecessary capital upgrades and meet all regulatory requirements for the Housing Authority. This has enabled the budget to address more communities’ services than initially planned.

All WWTP upgrade projects achieved Dept of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) Works Approvals and Health Department Approval to Construct.

New initiatives for these projects included development of Operations Manuals, operator training at handover and health warning signs in local Community language.

Onslow Airport Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

The Onslow STP was a moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) which was not achieving effluent quality limits and was difficult to operate. WISE quantified the design loading specifications for the Airport Terminal to enable retrofit for a more standard sequence batch reactor process, provided O&M Manual combining three contracted installations of the plant, and provided operational and compliance advise as required. Residential (i.e. camp) STPs are not suitable for airports due to concentrated loading (no showers, laundry) and variability of inflows according to flight sequences.

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